Professional Framing Services for Minneapolis Businesses

Professional Framing Services for Minneapolis Businesses

Enhance Your Office and Your Image

The appearance of your business speaks volumes to your customers. Using professionally framed, well-chosen artwork in your office or lobby is an important aspect of your image. The correct décor creates an environment that your team will appreciate. It’s very important to display the documents and professional certificates that certify your ability to serve your clientele, in a manner that is appropriate to their level of importance.

At Calhoun Beach Framing, we specialize in helping local businesses find the correct art for their environment. We have many sources for artwork that will enhance your professional setting, and because we have our own resident artist, we can also create one-of-a-kind focal pieces that will set your business apart from all others. We also provide creative and professional framing design and installation so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best: running your business. We understand that budgets are a part of running any business so we have special programs for corporate accounts interested in purchasing art and value framing. Call Pam to set up an appointment at your office today!

20 Years of Doing Business with Businesses!

  • Janecky Plumbing
  • Spalon Montage
  • Youthworks
  • Childrens Hospital
  • City of Edina
  • Gallery 360
  • Pine to Prairie
  • Burroughs School
  • Dairy Queen
  • Hendrickson PSG
  • Bryant Rolstad Consultants
  • Kruskopf-Coontz Advisors
  • Webwoc
  • Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney
  • Davida Corp.
  • Luken Architecture
  • BJMCO – Design, Decor, Display Co.
  • Westminster Chruch
  • Raven Industries
  • Mount Olivet Church
  • Building Resources Corp.
  • Parasole Group
  • Tishosborn Interiors
  • Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church
  • Mpls. Police Dept
  • Thomas Reprographics
  • Target
  • T.C. Home Builders
  • States Manufacturing
  • Numeric Press LTD.
  • Guthrie Theatre
  • MacCabee Public Relations
  • Schussler Creative
  • Red Cow Restaurant
  • Spill the Wine restaurant
  • SaBel Salon
  • Uptown Massage
  • University of Minnesota
  • Posters on Board
  • Calvary Lutheran Church
  • Canadian Pacific Railroad

Our Services

Office Décor

CBF offers prints, original art and mirrors for Office Décor.

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Document Framing

Frames for Diplomas/Degrees, Certificates, Awards, Team Members and Honors

Business newspaper article                  

Framed Business Signs

The CBF team never turns down a challenge. This stretched canvas is our largest to date, approximately 137″ x 69″.

Free Consultation

Need to redecorate your office and not sure what you want? We’ll come to you! Let us help you pick out art and match your decor with a Free On-site Consultation.

Value Framing

Framing on a budget? We offer affordable custom framing that can fit any business’ price range.


We have convenient and professional services designed to make your life easier. Let us deliver and install your corporate projects.