Real People, Real Projects, Real Testimonials!

“Over the years I have ordered several mirrors, had pictures framed, and even bought some artwork at the store (pictures, cards, pottery). The staff at Calhoun Beach Framing have always been creative, helpful, patient, fun, and great to work with. They have even helped arrange delivery and picture hanging for me. The quality frames & artwork have been consistently better that I could imagine and I am always happy when I leave the store.”


“I started working with Calhoun Beach Framing in January of 2019 to get some Mark Herman Prints. Since then they have helped fill the walls of my house with unique framed photos and art. They have done everything from my own photographs, to Aviation and Space Art with a large groups of mission patches, and several items from the Minnesota Wild. These items from the Wild included multiple jerseys, several shadow boxes frames with autographed photo, hockey pucks and a hockey stick. They even figured out how to display a Minnesota Wild players helmet. They always do an amazing job and they will work with you to help make your ideas come to life.”

Jennifer G.

“I am blessed to have a place as fantastic as Calhoun Beach Framing to bring my pictures to.

I originally took my framing to one of the local hobby and crafts stores. I was completely underwhelmed by their quality, selection and creativity.

From my first experience, I found Calhoun Beach Framing staff (Jude) to be engaging, informative and creative. Their frame selection is extensive and exquisite. They always make great suggestions and no matter how long it takes, are clearly invested in making sure I am happy with the final framing decision.

It is my belief the difference between the local hobby and crafts stores and Calhoun Beach Framing is the difference between a dirt road and 4 lane highway.”

David J.

“I commissioned the artist, David Andree, to create a collection of artwork for our newly renovated orthodontic office. He recommended that I frame the artwork at Calhoun Beach Framing. We worked with the manager, Jude Franco, at Calhoun Beach Framing to select the frames that would work best with each piece and coordinate with the wall coverings at the office. I could not be happier with the results and have received many compliments from my patients. Thank you again for your help.”

Dr. Doug V., Eden Prairie Orthodontic Associates

“I’m not the best photographer, but we are thrilled with how beautiful you framed Mike’s mother’s prints. His mother had them in her home when he was a child. He’s now 73. Totally sorry I didn’t take a ‘before’ picture. Thanks so much again. I have come to your studio in the past and your results continue to exceed my expectations.”

Jenny & Mike L.


“Thanks so much for completing my project during difficult times. Thought you might like to see them hanging.”

Monica during COVID-19 (5/20)

“Working with Calhoun Beach Framing was a great experience. The staff is very knowledgeable and were able to recommend the best products for the job. The craftsmanship on the frame is excellent and the final piece looks incredible in the space. Highly recommend them for your framing needs.”

Currently hanging in Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN

“I want to highly recommend Calhoun Beach Framing to anyone looking to have military medals framed. Jude did a spectacular job on both framings. She worked carefully and thoughtfully to create a respectful showing to honor these brave men, one KIA in 1942 and one 98-year old. They were volunteer crew members for the RAF. If you are not sure how to best preserve someone’s war medals, consider Calhoun Beach Framing. Excellent work and customer service.”

–Jan H.

“Just love the way these pop on my black wall. Brought my 3 abstract paintings to Pam to reframe. They were in brown wood frames and got lost on my newly painted wall. I left it all to her to design and they look perfect.”

–BD, Minneapolis

“Pam and Jude, you are AMAZING! You preserved the integrity and history, restored them and gave them new life! Can’t wait to hang them. You guys are great! Don’t know what we would have done without you all these years! We have been frequent customers for the past 20 or 25 years…maybe even longer…since you were over by 50th and Penn in the first location…BIG THANK YOU!”

–Carla P.

“I want to say thanks to Jude and Calhoun Beach Framing for the exquisite framing of our pieces from Vietnam. Your beautiful work completely brought them to life! Great advice and service from Jude! I’m so glad we have a store like this in the neighborhood and truly appreciate the knowledgeable and kind service.”

–Dianne R.

“Very knowledgeable staff and owner – on top of great personalities and so friendly! Always a treat to go into the shop, and the piece they framed for us was GORGEOUS. Custom frame from Calhoun Beach Framing hung up for enjoyment. Couldn’t be happier with the quality and beauty. Thanks, Calhoun Beach Framing!”

–Kyle M.

“We are in love with the Mark Herman prints that we purchased and had framed at Calhoun Beach Framing! They make us smile every time we walk by this wall! Thank you!!!”

–Allison GA.

“Hi Calhoun Beach Framing! Thanks again for the wonderful work on the frame. Every single person that walks by it comments on it and especially loves how great the framing was done!”

–Brandon L.

“To the Calhoun Beach Framing crew,

Thank you, thank you! We love the finished product of the painting and our other projects. 🙂 Impressive!

–Lisa & Rich B.

Framed Needlework Doily

“From the time I was a small child, I remember this doily, rolled around a cardboard cylinder, and stored in the back of my mother’s dresser drawer.  It was never used, probably because of its size and I never thought to ask its story.  Recently, some 60 plus years later, while cleaning out old memorabilia, it surfaced and I noticed it was starting to deteriorate and if I wanted to preserve it, now was the time.  Pam at Calhoun Beach Framing did a marvelous job a few years back for me by matting and framing my father’s elaborate baptismal certificate so she was the only person I trusted to mount this doily to display above the piano in our living room.  Again, she helped me select the perfect frame and a background that truly shows off the intricacy of this piece of work.  I may never know the history or even what type of weave was used to create this doily but now every day I can enjoy its beauty as it compliments the other family antiques I display on my piano.  Since it is no longer in the drawer but up on the wall, perhaps the grandchildren will learn to love it as I do and carry it on for future generations.”

–Judy V., Minneapolis

Jonathans Office

“I bought this one of a kind print to support a girls school in India. I had it framed at Calhoun Beach Framing, the framer I’ve been using for 20 years. Because the artwork is so large (48×48), the designers used a double frame design instead of a mat. Acrylic instead of glass was used as glass would have made the piece too heavy. The print is hanging in the entryway of my new office so everyone can see it. I get compliments all the time; everyone says it’s beautiful. The hand crafted double wood frames compliment the peaceful landscape.”

–Dr. Jonathan H.

“I’m Melissa, one of 3 children from the Johnson family. I was designated by my sibs to pick out a gift for our folks for Christmas. Having had many things framed at Calhoun Beach Framing,  I remembered seeing a print of the St Croix.  When I was a child, our family would have wondersful summers sailing on the St Croix. I knew my parents had warm and loving memories of those summers.  I worked with Pam, the owner, and we selected the perfect frame, matting, the works for my Mark Herman print. Everyone in the family loved it. Mom and Dad hung it in the family room for all to see. Leave it to Pam and Calhoun Beaching Framing to help me give a gift that is cherished.”

–Melissa J.


“I bought a framed Leonardo Nierman painting in the 1970’s. For some time it looked dated. I waited to have it framed until I found a frame shop that I could trust with my original art. I found the Calhoun Beach Framing website and decided to bring it to the shop to see what they would do. Pam redesigned my treasure, framing it in a way that compliments and doesn’t overplay or underplay the art. I love the way it looks. I have continued to use this frame shop and they never disappoint me. I even followed them to their new location. Great service and outstanding selection.”



Jan passed away at 46 years of age. Her mother Sylvia Eisler brought in two collages she had made as photo records documenting her daughter’s life for reframing. When she came to pick them up, she brought with her a number of envelopes containing memorabilia from Jan’s activities. Jan was a Girl Scout, Edina High School graduate, synchronized swimmer with the Aqua Nymphs, Junior Life Saver, member of the Water Skiing Association of America, and later became a successful real estate agent. The items included her scout sash full of merit badges, swimming award ribbons and medals, patches, jewelry, photos, graduation tassels, pens and pins from the agencies she worked for, and whimsical, wooden bobble-headed skier and boat driver. From the collection, Luke and Carisa created a dynamic shadowbox to showcase Jan’s accomplishments and preserve her memory.

–Sylvia E.

“The staff here solved a very worrisome problem I had with a frame  needing repair. It contained a valuable piece of memorabilia. I was concerned to have any one handle it. But the Calhoun Beach Framing employees solved my dilemma quickly, professionally and for reasonable cost. I was very pleased and impressed and the final product looked awesome. I want to thank them  and tell anyone needing framing …USE THIS PLACE!!!!”

–Tom F., Yelp Review

“I purchased a painting at Calhoun Beach Framing and had it matted and framed. The design included two mats (one suede) and a wood frame. The person who helped me had great ideas about which mat colors and textures to use. We needed the art quickly as I was having a house warming party. So I bought a frame that was in stock and to my surprise it was on sale.  The salesperson also answered my questions about using different shades of wood in a single room. She was very pleasant and helpful. I  picked up the framed art this weekend and it looks fantastic! I will definitely use them again for my future framing needs.”

–KP, Eden Prairie

“I have had several pieces of original art, as well as a few prints, framed at Calhoun Beach Framing. I have been extremely pleased with all the work I’ve had done there. The staff are artists.  I value and trust their expertise. I’ve found this is a good place to come to and be completely open to suggestions. The cost is a reflection of the quality of the materials they use. The frames all wood no painted plastic to look like wood.”

–KS, Minneapolis


“I have been working with Pam at Calhoun Beach Framing for many years – ever since a friend of mine in New York insisted she take my very sentimental antique photographs back home with her to Minneapolis so that her favorite framer could frame them. I have been going back ever since and have developed a long-distance framing relationship where I mail my framing projects to the store, Pam emails me ideas, we discuss them, and then she ships the finished work back to me. I’ve long believed that the frame is as important as the art that is being framed. Pam really understands this and has a great sense of proportion and aesthetics. Also, her prices are very fair – well below those in New York. Calhoun Beach Framing has framed many things for me, from antique photos to posters, artwork and contemporary photos.  I am very particular about frames and won’t go anywhere else. Considering I live 1,000+ miles away, that’s a big endorsement.”

–Lauren F., New York City

“Once again, CBF, you did an outstanding job. Thank you to Luke for your guidance on our recent frame selection, your insight and appreciation of fine art has our original oil looking fabulous.”

–Patricia F.

“I have used Calhoun Beach Framing in the past. They are professionals. I really liked the many great choices on the framing materials offered. I have checked out other framing studios and in my opinion they are the best. I think all the employees have good design ideas, are experienced, and take their time in helping you.”

–NB, St. Louis Park, MN

“I have had a number of family heirlooms framed. They all turned out wonderful. The staff have always been helpful, they made suggestions but did not pressure me. They were respectful of my opinions and choices. They are very knowledgeable and I’ve always been delighted when I see the finished product.”

–DL, Minneapolis

“I have taken a number of pieces of art to be custom framed there. I have always been helped by Pam, the owner. She is very good at putting a ”work of art” together. The end results have always been fantastic. Prices are what you want to pay. I asked for a certain price range, and she showed me styles and designs to fit my budget. Also, there are many interesting original art pieces for sale. Some are by Pam, others by local artists. Highly recommend this framing studio for your valued art.”

–KD, Eden Prairie


“I recently moved to the neighborhood from NYC and needed to get a few pieces framed for our new home. I stumbled upon Calhoun Beach Framing on my walk to Lake Harriet and met Pam and her talented team. I knew a nice frame would make the pieces look good in our new home, but I had no idea what they created would transform the piece itself. Pam and her team are true artisans. Every piece has been dramatically improved to the point where the frame has seamlessly integrated with the artwork making it even better. They have an incredible eye, great suggestions, and want to design masterful creations for their customers. Recently I had a family heirloom transformed from a roll of canvas to a stunning piece that prominently hangs in our home. I cannot recommend Pam, her team and Calhoun Beach Framing enough. They are a local, small business everyone in our area needs to support.”

–Victor K.

“Calhoun Beach Framing (CBF): the difference between putting your art in a frame versus framing your art. Cost is comparable to other stores (even those offering coupons for $40 off or 50% off). Quality and selection are head and shoulders above the two other frame stores I visited before CBF, and the service is excellent. This is the story of a home decorating nightmare with a happy ending thanks to Calhoun Beach Framing.

I went to CBF after another frame shop did a poor job framing one large painting (they admitted the frame pieces were misaligned) and sold me a poor quality frame on a second piece (the sales lady showed me later that it was very soft wood and hence dimples and damages easily) – I was able to return the soft frame, but they would only put putty on the gaps on the misaligned frame. As a newcomer to home decorating, this was a highly discouraging experience to say the least – custom framing is not cheap and consequently, you expect a certain level of quality and service. I went to another frame store with the art I was able to return the frame on, but they just didn’t have anything that complemented or matched it. That’s when I found CBF online.

First of all, as soon as you walk in, you realize they have a huge selection of frames and mats. It would be difficult not to find a style and or color that works. Pam, the store owner, is the one who helped me with selection. She was able to rather quickly suggest several different frames that worked really well. The one I selected and that she recommended looked like it was made for my art! It not only enhanced the work itself, but allowed to blend seamlessly with the rest of my décor. This is really the difference between putting your art in a frame versus framing your art. I brought a second piece in just yesterday and had a very similar experience. It was a small work and we selected from frame pieces she had left over in the store. Again, the mat and frame brought out what was best in the work, and even matched the theme (starry sky over dark waves). Clearly, the first time wasn’t a fluke. This is just how the place works.

As far as cost, the other two stores that I went to were offering coupons, including a $40 off coupon and a 50% off respectively. Don’t be lured by the so called discounts, however. After comparing the three shops, I’m pretty convinced that the price is just marked up first, and then a coupon added. The overall cost at each place was basically the same. The frame I got at CBF was about $10 more, but far above in quality and style. Compared to the selection at the other two stores, it looked like I should be paying even more for what I got at CBF. Also, a shop’s name may sound like it offers express service, but I also saw no difference in the amount of time it took to get the work.

And so ends my story. I hope it helps you make the best decision on where to take your hard earned dollars and the art and photos that mean something to you.”

–Vidya R.

“At a time when it seems that people only contact you when they are unhappy with a product or service, I’d like to do just the opposite. Recently I brought a photograph into your shop for framing. Carisa Town was the associate that assisted me. Though I had a few ideas as far as the framing was concerned, Carisa made several suggestions and even had a couple of cool ideas regarding matting that I hadn’t considered. In the end the framing and service was CRAZY GOOD!

Kudos to you and your creative staff at Calhoun Beach Framing. Our home is filled with many items framed at your shop. We truly appreciate the eye for detail, color and composition your staff brings to every project. You can rest assured that we’ll be back.

Thanks again, Pam and Carisa!”

–Mike G.